The torn paper art (Chigiri-e) was introduced by our late chairman, Mr. Chen Shu-Huo, from Japan in the early '80s. Users make use of the colors and long fibers of handmade kozo papers and apply their techniques, like tearing, pressing, or layering paper fibers, to create works resembling strokes on oil painting yet with its own distinctive soft texture.

     With guidance, it's easy for beginners to make simple paper collage on pencil holders, bookmarks, or tissue dispenser boxes. To complete larger and more complicated pictures, it takes much more patience and techniques. It is an art which demands creativity and power of concentration, and meanwhile, it gives users a sense of accomplishment. Users may find peace in doing torn paper art in this fast-paced society.

      We've been dedicated to promoting the torn paper art in Taiwan, and our objective is to make the art worldwide known. Chang Chuen Paper Art Shop was set up as our promotion center, and holds regular courses and occasional events which have been attended by many citizens and foreign visitors. If you are interested in knowing more details, please be welcome to contact us!